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Browser Support

Support for Browser

We are one of the best to providing support services and solutions to browser problems. We support Google Chrome, AOL, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Netscape Navigator.

Here are just some of the general PC issues we can assist with:

  • Browser installation and set up
  • Updating the browser
  • Problem in saving or exporting bookmarks
  • Installing and updating a new version of the browser
  • Browser hangs or stops responding
  • Browser optimization
  • Browser does not start up
  • Web pages do not get printed
  • Resolving frequent disconnection problem
  • Problem in uninstalling extensions
  • Add-ons do not work and themes or extensions do not get installed
  • Handling Browser security


Browser Support from Fidelitytechs :

  • Provides 24x7 technical support services.
  • Live troubleshooting of the issues related to PC and peripherals.
  • Low escalation rates.
  • Flexible rates to meet customized requirements.