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Why Fidelity Techs Support

Technical Support staff is ready 24/7.

Our front-line Technical Support team features certified professional engineers with real-world experience, who know how to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We provide support in eight languages from eleven locations around the world, so someone is always available to assist you, no matter where you are.

Easy telephone access.

Our large collection of local access telephone numbers reduce or eliminate long distance charges for many customers, while our call center routes incoming calls to the next available support representative, wherever they are located.

Aggressive Developer Escalation.

When needed, service cases are quickly and efficiently escalated to the developer level, for faster resolution of critical issues. This tight integration between Development and Technical Support enhances service and fosters product improvements based on real-world experience and use.

Online resources provide valuable information anytime.

Our full-service Technical Support Web site provides a wealth of resources, including software downloads, RSS feeds, newsletters and bulletins, technical tips, a comprehensive knowledge base with detailed solutions to questions and problems, and online submission and tracking of support requests.